Monday, March 31, 2014

Color Coordinated

{Enjoying some warmer weather, hanging out as the sun goes down.}

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Super Dad!

This picture is from December 11, so it’s an oldie in terms of our time as parents.  But I remember this night perfectly.  I was still at home on my maternity leave, staying at home alone with the boys all day.  Most days were good, but sometimes Mark would come home from work and find me crying and exhausted.  This was one such day.  He came in the door, changed his clothes and said, “Give me the babies!”

And then I went and took a shower.  Heavenly.  

Thank the Lord for this guy.  There’s no one else I would rather do this crazy parenthood thing with than him.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Baptizing Our Boys

Last month, Henry and Parker were baptized at our church and we celebrated with both my family and Mark’s family.  Everyone came over to our house for lunch, and then we began the process of getting the boys dressed in their little white outfits.  The true miracle of the day was that we got out everyone dressed up (myself included) and out the door on time!

Our wedding chalkboard continues to live on. 

A HUGE thank you to my mom for all the cute decorations, and to Mark’s mom, for so much yummy food and snacks.

Mark’s brother Mike had just gotten back from a trip to Australia, and the boys scored the little critters in this picture.

A delicious cake that we ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the days following the baptism.

Henry, packed and ready to go!  Both boys had these cute personalized shoes, which were a baby gift when they were born.  Adorbs.


Here’s the funny story of the day. We got to the church and settled into some pews with all our family, with plenty of time to spare before the ceremony began.  Just as they were starting to call up babies (there were 16 getting baptized that day!!), we noticed a certain…. smell.  Parker needed to be changed.  My mom and I rushed him to the bathroom and discovered he had made a little mess in his WHITE outfit.  Of course.  To this day, this is still the only time we have been away from the house and needed a full-on clothing change for either boy.  But he couldn’t change out of his clothes because he couldn’t exactly get baptized in the orange fox pajamas I had packed in his bag for an emergency such as this!  So… thank goodness Grandma Neuschafer made them some white blankets, which I strategically used to cover the offending spot on his pants for his big moment.  Mom and I did some quick damage control and then returned back to the church for his time to shine.

Oh yeah, and Parker pretty much slept through everything.  Henry was awake and did really well in his first official mass since Christmas (which HE slept all the way through.)

A day for their history books, for sure.

Oh, Hi There.

Well the boys hit five months old tomorrow, so I guess maybe I should post their four month pictures before then?  Both little guys are asleep right now, Dad is out in the yard spraying for weeds, food is in the oven, and it’s Friday night so we all get to sleep in tomorrow.  I think perhaps I can tackle this little blog again!

In the meantime, look at these little bears and know that they are currently 30 days older than they were when these were taken!

{Sock Monster, Parker} 

{Sock Monster, Henry… see the resemblance?}