Sunday, August 31, 2014

So Long Sweet Summer

A great BIG thank you and WELCOME BACK to everyone who found me from my post on Twin Talk!  I hope some of you will stick with me, either here on my blog or on Instagram.  It was so much fun to "meet" so many of you from your own blogs and IG accounts.  I have so many new twin moms to follow, which has been tons of fun.

This week I started back at school, which has been going great.  I have the sweetest class this year and I'm excited to be back in the school groove.  I have been pretty wiped out though!  It usually takes a week or so to adjust to my schedule in the fall, but I am finding that starting the year with babies makes it that much harder!  Plus, the boys are in a new class at their school now, and they have a different nap schedule.  So we all needed a good week to adjust and get used to it.  But! They now nap for {almost} THREE HOURS IN THE AFTERNOON! Straight. In a row. I thought moving to one nap would be INSANE, but it has actually been pretty fantastic.  It is working out well for all of us, so we can't complain.

Thank goodness for the long weekend!  I am catching up on blogging {i also have a teaching blog!} and trying to also get some last details wrapped up in my classroom.  Knowing that we don't have work yet tomorrow is the best feeling.  We have had a pretty lazy weekend, just hanging around at home and watching lots of college football {yay!}

Henry and Parker were {of course} sporting their Texas gear {Mom's team}, but Henry also gave Dad a shout out with his OSU hat.  Luckily, his head is big enough to wear Mark's hat!

Right before school started, the boys and I went to the pool with one of my fellow teacher friends.  Her sister-in-law and niece were there too, and the littles enjoyed playing with some cups {that may or may not have been for the wine.}  One thing we did not do nearly enough this summer was hit up the pool.  But, we still have tomorrow.

Enjoy your long weekends. Soak up the sun!

Friday, August 15, 2014

This Girl is a Guest Blogger!!

You guys, I think I am {finally} a legit blogger because I am being featured on another blog!  I know what you're thinking.  How can someone who posts {maybe} once a month make it as a guest blogger somewhere else? Well, I am kind of asking myself that too.  But lo and behold, today you can find me over at Twin Talk Blog where I will be sharing the boys' birth story.  

I never imagined I would be a Birth Story Sharing Kinda Blogger, but if you are at all interested in a little insight into Henry and Parker's big debut, head on over to Twin Talk Blog today.  And if you are a twin mom yourself, FOR SURE add Twin Talk to your blog list because it is an awesome community of twin moms!  Meredith and Amber, both mothers of twins and even from the DFW area, started the blog together as a way to share and collaborate with other moms on ALL THINGS TWINS.  Like if you were/are super googling during your pregnancy about twin births or wondering what the heck your twin baby bump was going to look like at week 32, then this my friend is the place for you. {Sidenote: I do not want to relive what my belly looked like, ahh}  Meredith and Amber, as well as tons of other twin moms {::cough::me::cough} share everything from their favorite baby products, great ideas for what to feed your littles, and even help you find other Twin Mamas in your area for TWIN PLAY DATES.  Can you even imagine?  I guarantee you will want to be BFFs with all the awesome ladies on Twin Talk.

Ok whew.  Twin mom rant over.  Welcome to any new readers who found me from my guest post and DISCLAIMER: I submitted my birth story post to the blog like months ago, for real.  I don't even remember what all I wrote, so I hope I don't cringe when I read it.  But yes, welcome!

That's me and my husband Mark, Parker (on the left) and Henry (on the right).  

When Meredith emailed me to let me know that my story would be on their blog today, she was like OMG I can't believe your girl turned out to be a boy and I was like OMG I can't believe I actually kind of forgot about all that!!  Or at least I don't think of it that often.  These little guys are so a part of our family that I cannot even dream what it would be like if we had a girl in the mix instead.  The picture above is actually from July 4, taken outside our house.  We recreated a picture we took last year on the fourth, which I posted on social media as an announcement about my pregnancy:

Notice anything different?  Yes, last year we had a blue chair and a pink chair.  This year, we replaced that pink with another blue.  It was a truly shocking and fun surprise to hear that nurse say, "oh they're both boys!" right after our little guys were born.  The brother bond Henry and Parker already share is the best thing ever.  And I don't think Henry even notices that his bed is pink....... ;)

In other news, school inservice starts on Monday for me, so tomorrow is actually my last official day of summer vacation and my last day to be home with the boys.  I am sad but also so excited to start a new year and get back into the swing of the school routine.  We are laying low this weekend and hopefully will have a smooth transition back to my Working Mom schedule.  The boys and I have been busy making the most of our freedom these past several weeks by visiting grandparents, hitting up the pool and taking lots of walks before it gets to be 104 degrees outside.  My parents live on a ranch, and Henry got such a kick out of "driving" their mule around their property every morning we were there, to check on the cows!  

Everyone have a good weekend!  And don't forget to follow Twin Talk.  They are also on Instagram here.  If you are a twin mom and blogger too, leave me your link!  I am always looking for others to follow.  And if you don't have a blog, let me know where you are from.  Any Dallas area moms?  I'd love to get together!  Twins or no twins!