Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's Friday!  Not just any Friday, but the first Friday of summer vacation!!!

I am ready for some down time and a slower pace of life for the next few months.  I also finished grad school this May, so I am finished with homework and paperwork FOREVER!

Cheers to a great weekend!  I hope everyone can enjoy the sunshine and long days.  I know we will make the most of them for sure.  Bed time just keeps getting later and later around here.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer Sun

After an entire month of rain, we are welcoming the June sunshine with open arms.  And lots of bubbles.

We are also loving trips to see the grandparents and all the times they come to visit us.  We are lucky to have both sets of grandparents only about an hour's drive away, so we get to see them often.  Plus, grandpa always has popsicles in the freezer!

Our neighborhood pool opened a few weeks ago and we took the boys for the first time on Sunday.  It was finally warm and sunny and we were hoping they would like the water.  Lucky for us, they did!  I am seeing a summer with late evenings at the pool with these two little fish.

Parker cannot resist an opportunity to dance.  He heard to music at the pool and started to do his signature wiggle.

Henry was in a trance watching all the big kids play and slash around in the main pool.  He was looking about 4 years old and I know he was imaging joining them all one day.