Monday, August 10, 2015

well, that went fast

I am sitting here at the kitchen table with the boys while they eat their breakfast and I decided to check on the blog, where I see that the last time I posted was during the first week of my summer break.  And now here I am, on my LAST Monday of summer break.  Where did the time go??

This summer was a lot of fun.  Last year, I struggled through many of the days at home with two babies, just trying to make it until the time when Mark got home from work and could help out again.  The days were L O N G.  This year was so much different.  Since Parker and Henry are older, we could do so much more.  Honestly, there were very few days that felt like last summer - survival.  This year was jam packed with activity and I love that we were able to leave the house and go somewhere almost every single day.  That kept all three of us from going stir crazy!

A week from today I start back at work for a new school year.  I am excited for a new year, but also completely avoiding getting ready for it.  My classroom is a mess and I do not feel prepared to get back in the groove yet.  So I think I will relish these last days of summer freedom and scramble to figure it all out next week.  That sounds doable, right?