Sunday, August 31, 2014

So Long Sweet Summer

A great BIG thank you and WELCOME BACK to everyone who found me from my post on Twin Talk!  I hope some of you will stick with me, either here on my blog or on Instagram.  It was so much fun to "meet" so many of you from your own blogs and IG accounts.  I have so many new twin moms to follow, which has been tons of fun.

This week I started back at school, which has been going great.  I have the sweetest class this year and I'm excited to be back in the school groove.  I have been pretty wiped out though!  It usually takes a week or so to adjust to my schedule in the fall, but I am finding that starting the year with babies makes it that much harder!  Plus, the boys are in a new class at their school now, and they have a different nap schedule.  So we all needed a good week to adjust and get used to it.  But! They now nap for {almost} THREE HOURS IN THE AFTERNOON! Straight. In a row. I thought moving to one nap would be INSANE, but it has actually been pretty fantastic.  It is working out well for all of us, so we can't complain.

Thank goodness for the long weekend!  I am catching up on blogging {i also have a teaching blog!} and trying to also get some last details wrapped up in my classroom.  Knowing that we don't have work yet tomorrow is the best feeling.  We have had a pretty lazy weekend, just hanging around at home and watching lots of college football {yay!}

Henry and Parker were {of course} sporting their Texas gear {Mom's team}, but Henry also gave Dad a shout out with his OSU hat.  Luckily, his head is big enough to wear Mark's hat!

Right before school started, the boys and I went to the pool with one of my fellow teacher friends.  Her sister-in-law and niece were there too, and the littles enjoyed playing with some cups {that may or may not have been for the wine.}  One thing we did not do nearly enough this summer was hit up the pool.  But, we still have tomorrow.

Enjoy your long weekends. Soak up the sun!

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  1. That's the cutest OSU fan I've ever seen!! Must have been their good luck!! ;)