Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Three weeks ago, we officially became the owners of this little gem:

Our new home!  I just had to check the calendar to see how long we have in fact been living here, and I can't believe it's already been three weeks!  It feels more like it's only been a week or so.  In those 21 days, we have already had five overnight guests, with numbers six and seven arriving tomorrow.  So I have washed the guest sheets four times already!  Last week, we got new gutters installed on the back of the house.  Two nights ago, we got some torrential rain for a good 12 hours straight.  I found Mark standing outside in the dark with an umbrella, just admiring the gutters work.  He loves the yard.  He's already mowed once, weeded the garden, picked up all the sticks and leaves in the grass, and cleaned out those gutters twice.  In 21 days!  I tend to focus more on unpacking all the boxes on the inside.

Watch for house photos in the near future.  I'm slowly but surely finding a place for everything and getting organized.  Just the other night I was sitting at the kitchen table, working on my laptop and thinking to myself, gosh, I love living here.

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