Monday, June 11, 2012

Craft Time

When my mom and sisters came over for a Girl's Weekend last week, I put them all to work.  We wanted to have a weekend of "crafting, sleeping, eating and hanging out at the pool."  We managed all except the very last!

Mom brought her sewing machine and gave us an early morning lesson [while still in our PJ's]:

We [re]learned how to thread the machine.  It had been... oh probably about 15 years since I'd used a sewing machine.

It wasn't long before this [leftover wedding prop]
 Became this:

Shout out to Kelly, who was the model for all the photos, and did quite a bit of the stitching and sewing herself.  Photos of the pillows in action... coming soon!

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  1. how fun!!! my mom needs a "portable" sewing machine... though admittedly, my "Sewing area" is still filled with boxes. mer.