Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The end of an era.

Good Morning Friends,

Today is my last day at my job.  Wowzers.  It's a little weird.  Like so weird that I don't even believe it's true yet.  I have worked at this job for almost six years now, and it's strange to think I won't be coming back to sit at this desk again.  But I'm not even leaving the school I work for, I am just going to a new, completely different job in the same place.  So I think that helps make it seem not so real.

The best things about your last day at a job is 1) Everyone is nice to you, 2) You kind of don't really have anything to do, and 3) People buy you lunch.  So I am going to soak up this last day and enjoy all the perks.

One thing I am NOT going to do today is turn on the TV, look at Facebook or Twitter or pretty much any page on the Internet at all, because I refuse to find out how the women's gymnastics team does in their competition tonight.  I keep accidentally finding out about all the Olympic events before I watch them in the evenings, but NOT TONIGHT!  Mum's the word people.

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