Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A tale of a tooth that traveled across the globe, via drain pipe

Losing teeth in first grade is a big deal.  No, a huge deal.  I regularly have kids trying to yank their teeth out, even when they are just the tiniest bit wiggly.  We have a 'Tooth Tally' where we log how many teeth are lost each month, and we've already lost 7, with the lucky seventh tooth lost today!  The kiddos like to talk about how many teeth they've lost {and embellish about it} constantly.  The other day while we were waiting in line to go to P.E. the conversation turned to - what else - teeth.

One girl told me that she'd already lost a few teeth and that one of them she had pulled out, but didn't even know she had it in her hand (umm.. ok?).  She was brushing her teeth, pulled it out and then {gasp} accidentally dropped it down the sink drain.  I figured this would be pretty devastating, since hello losing a tooth is monumental, but she didn't seem that phased by having lost it.  I made some sort of comment along the lines of "oh yeah, sometimes teeth just fall down the drain," to which she replied, "yeah, so it's in Paris now."  Oh. Of course.

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  1. Bwhahahahahahahahahahaa.

    Best.story.ever. I love your firsties!

    I saw your boss last night. She bragged on you to EVERYONE. She says she's so good with your kiddos, so cute, and she has even put you on a new committee. ;)

    So, I have the inside scoop. And I'm TOTALLY coming to visit. AftertheNovember1stearlydecisionapplicationsgoout.