Tuesday, July 16, 2013

And now I can eat ice cream whenever I want to

Hello my Loves!

Oh hey, it's been another month since I've posted.  And so it goes.  We'll just move right past that, shall we?

What have we been up to lately?  Well, quite a lot.  On the off chance that you are reading this and I don't actually know you in real life, then boy do I have some news for you.

Yes, that is two babies.  Twins.  We are having twins.  A boy and a girl.  Holy cow.

If you do know me in real life, you likely know that I have ALWAYS WANTED TWINS.  For as long as I can remember, I have had this feeling that I would have twins.  Like I knew it was destined to happen.  So now that it is actually happening, it just feels normal.  I've always told Mark I was going to have twins (ok so maybe not during our early days of dating, but once we got serious/married/somewhere along the line I told him how I knew this was going to happen), so over the years he has even made comments like "well when we have our twins..." or "since we're going to have twins..."  It has sort of been our little joke whenever we would talk about our future family.  When we got married three years ago, our loose plan was always to start a family when I turned 30.  I knew I wanted lots of kids (ok, like 3 or 4), so I always told him once we started, we'd have to have a bunch back to back, so I wouldn't be having babies for an entire decade.  But even he would point out, well we're going to have twins, so that will help.

Well then in November, I turned 30.  So we put the plan into action.  Ok, maybe the plan went more into action sometime in year 29, but now here we are, five months pregnant with two little babies.  When I had my first sonogram around week 6, the doctor leaned over to tell me, "Amanda, there are two."  To which I said, "Okay."  Mark wasn't even there.  He had just started a new job and didn't want to take off, so I went by myself.  I remember the nurse in the room leaning over to see me and saying something like, "Is your husband going to be okay with this news?"  And I was like of course he is!  When I left the appointment, I drove back to work thinking holy cow, it's all really happening.  As cheesy as it might sound, I felt like I was getting everything I had always wanted.  How did I get so lucky?

Since we're just past the 20-week mark, I am definitely already at least halfway through this pregnancy.  Twins come early, so I won't be seeing week 40.  Which blows my mind.  It has been pretty darn easy, so far.  Until recently, I've hardly even felt different, which I know is such a blessing.  In fact, sometimes I think I am not milking this nearly enough, since I'm not getting any sympathy for carrying around two growing humans all day, every day.  As a matter of fact, as I type this, Mark is out buying me ice cream because I pulled the pregnancy card out for the first time EVER tonight.  It went like this:

Amanda: Hubs, I really wish I had some ice cream.
Mark: {silence}
A: Huuuuuubbs, I am pregnant and I want ice cream!  You are supposed to go get me whatever I want, whenever I want it!
M: But it's raining.
A: Even more perfect!  Just like the husbands in the movies who run out to the store to buy whatever their pregnant wives want, even if it's snowing and in the middle of the night!
M: If I go get you ice cream will you make dinner tomorrow night?
A: Su----
M: And it can't be a pizza.
A: Oh. Well what am I supposed to make then?! {wife of the year here}
M: ...
A: Ok!  I will make tacos!  Can you pick up some taco stuff while you are out?
M: {eye roll, but gets up to put his shoes on}
A: {thinking Yes!  This is actually working!}  Oh and can you get some Tums too?  The berry kind?

And so, Mark is currently out buying multiple flavors of Bluebell for yours truly, along with some heartburn medicine.  Pregnancy for the win!

I wouldn't really say we've been in denial about this huge life change that is quickly approaching, but we are definitely very chill about it.  So much so, that until recently, we had not purchased a single thing for the babies.  No booties, cute little toys, not even a single onesie.  Sure we hit up all the baby mega stores quite often to look around, and we always breeze through the baby section at Target now, but we had not spent a single dollar on anything.  Our anniversary was last week and we decided rather than spend money on dinner or presents or even cards for each other, instead we'd actually go out and buy something for the kiddos.  But then that night, after Mark got home from work and I got back form babysitting, we just didn't feel like going out to shop.  So I did some online spending instead and today my order was delivered.  So, these little babies officially own their first articles of clothing:

My two little foxes.


  1. Congratulations! That's so fantastic. :). Saw the news on the ol' FB but hearing your perspective makes it even more exciting! I'm so happy for y'all!!!

  2. I'm dying over all of this.

    True story, when I picked up our invitations, Ashley was like "Didn't she always know she was going to have twins? Are there twins in her family?" and I was like "I don't think there are twins in the fam, but I do think I knew something about twins...!" And here we are! TWINS!

    I'm totally stoked... though I want to start babying you up.

    And I am pretty sure I'm jealous of your hubs who gets ice cream on demand. Too bad bride card doesn't work that way. . .

  3. Love the photo, this post and you! So happy for you and Mark, you two are going to make such great parents to the two New-bies. It's only fitting that Amanda "Two P's, Two N's" has two kids too! Enjoy the ice cream and can't wait to meet your little foxes and read more about your journey on BTDS. Love you lots AMON!