Saturday, October 26, 2013

A {not so} Quiet Little Saturday

My usually uneventful days took quite a turn today!  Here's what happened:

- I woke up around 5:00 a.m. with pretty uncomfortable contraction pain that would not go away.  For the next two hours, I couldn't lay down or get comfortable, which was oh-so-much-fun.  My nurse started monitoring my contractions around 7:00, when they seemed to magically go away.  Figures.

- Around 11:00, I started to see a strange blind spot in my right eye.  This same occurrence is actually what originally prompted me to be admitted to the hospital "for a few hours of observation."  That was 26 days ago.  Today the blind spot lasted about 20 minutes, and my doctor assured me it wasn't pre-eclampsia related, so she didn't want to jump the gun and deliver.  Ok, so we'll keep on keeping on.

- About an hour later, my doctor called my room. {Which let me just say, super confused me.  There is a phone in my room that I have only ever used to call and order meals, so when it rang today I was very perplexed.  Do I answer it??  Well, yes.  Turns out the doctors can call you on these things!}  Well she explained that she had been thinking more about me and had talked to the on-call neurologist and thought it would be a good idea for me to get an MRI.  This would determine if I just happened to have some sort of weird visual thing going on that was just appearing during pregnancy, or if it was in fact somehow caused by pre-eclampsia.  Oooooook then.

- So I had an MRI.  And I freaked out.  As soon as they moved me into the big "donut," I panicked and asked them to take me out.  Super claustrophobia, which I didn't really realize I even had.  After a few minutes of catching my breath, the tech promised me he would talk to me through the entire process and let me listen to music.  My nurse came down too and advised me to just keep my eyes closed the entire time, before I even went into the machine.  So I gave it another try and managed to survive.  I never opened my eyes once and prayed in my head the entire time, to keep me distracted.  I think I went through an entire rosary!  First MRI officially completed.  Add it to the list of things I never thought I'd do ever.  Thanks a lot pregnancy.

- A therapy dog named Mackie came to visit me!  He was a dachshund and was all cute and wiggly.  I got to give him some treats, which let's be honest, was really all he cared about!  He also gave me his official "trading card" (like a baseball card).  I should have asked him to autograph it!

- My mom came for a visit and my sister Kelly surprised me by coming too!!  She came in from Oklahoma City to see me, which was really fun.  Kelly and Mom brought me a little stuffed kitty and some fun doodle books to entertain me.  Oh and some new make-up, which is much appreciated.  I am starting to look like that person who hasn't seen the sun in weeks (well, because I am that person), so a little color on my cheeks could help!

- Mark and I ended the day with Hospital Date Night, which consisted of Chii's to Go and a Redbox movie.  It ended this crazy day on a high note for sure.  Whew!


  1. Oh Amanda. I remember having the EXACT SAME reaction when I had an MRI to find out why I had debilitating migraines in junior high.. so my heart was beating a little faster when I read that. I can't imagine how that must have felt with all the other emotions you have going on! I love that they brought you a therapy pup though! That's a nice surprise... and Chili's to Go with the Hubs doesn't sound too bad either!

    Hang in there, mama!

  2. Yes you poor thing. Hang in there friend! Xoxo love and prayers and bottomless chilis chips to you.