Sunday, October 20, 2013

Womp, Womp

Well, it's been a couple of days since I've posted and sadly it's not because I've been so happy and peaceful while resting at home.  Nope.  I am back in the hospital again.  Boooo!

I made it (almost) three full days at home, and they were completely worth trying to do bed rest there.  I had my first appointment back with my doctor on Thursday morning, and despite having nothing but good blood pressures at home, once I got into her office, I was measuring 150/110.  Which I have since learned is high.  Very high.  So the process of getting up and dressed, riding to see my doctor, and walking in and up to her office was just too much.  And as she told me, if it's going to get that high whenever I get up and come in to see her, I just can't be at home.  Womp, womp.  So cue the wheelchair.  They whisked me back up to my same hall, two doors down from my original room.  My first day back here, I was very weepy - just mad and disappointed that I was back again so soon.  Well they take tears pretty seriously here, as I was offered antidepressants if I wanted them.  I told them I wasn't depressed, just bummed to be back inside these four mauve and hunter green walls again. (For real, is there a worse wall color than mauve?!?)

After one day of being 100% bummed out, I decided there's nothing I could do and cheered up by Friday.  I still hear of mommas who are in these rooms for 3+ months, so I can surely handle another 3 weeks.  I've had a steady stream of visitors since coming back, with flowers and meals and other goodies for the twins, so that helps the time go by.  I'll work on getting some pictures posted up here, so everyone reading can see where I'm living these days, and what kinds of adventures I'm up to while being in bed for roughly 23 hours a day (I figure the 734 trips to the bathroom each day must take up about an hour!)  In the meantime, thanks again for everyone's thoughts and prayers while we camp out here.  I hit 34 weeks today, so those babies are still doing good and cooking on the inside!

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    Glad the twins are holding on - happy to come visit and bring treats whenever you need a pick me up! Just don't want to bother or know where to go yet. ;)

    Loved your sweet note!! xoxo