Saturday, November 16, 2013

Henry and Parker’s Nursery

Finally!  I have pictures of the boys’ nursery!  Mark and I both had a lot of fun getting their room ready for them, and we owe the finished product to the help of our moms as well {grandmas who can sew, for the win}.  Before I ended up in the hospital for all of October, we had just started putting together all the details of the room.  So once the twins were here and I was back home, I took advantage of the time while they were in the NICU {a very small silver lining perhaps?} to finish putting it all together.

When we thought we were having a boy and a girl, I came up with a color scheme of mint green, navy blue and coral.  We are now calling those colors mint green, navy blue and orange.  Luckily, I seemed drawn to more navy than coral when I was getting things for the room (plus coral is pretty difficult to find!), so the “orange” is on the minimal side, which makes the room perfect for two little boys.  Henry promised he wouldn’t sleep in his crib until Parker is home too, so for now the room is still ready and waiting for when both boys are home.

So come on in for a little tour!

View of the room when entering

Those perfect stripes on the wall are thanks to Mark, who used his talents of measuring, calculating and painting with a steady hand to get them looking PERFECT.  Hubs for the win!

Here’s Parker’s side of the room.  His bed has the navy bedding, with a beautiful crib skirt made by my mom, Grandma O.  The quilts on the bed are handmade my Mark’s mom, Grandma N, and my sister.  They both had the idea to surprise us with chevron quilts, which are both amazing!  My sister just decided to give quilting a try, and she obviously rocks at it!  Mark’s mom has been quilting for much longer, and has the talent to show for it.  The chair is one of my favorite nursery purchases because it’s so comfy and fun.  Also hanging out is my current BFF, the breast pump.

Another shot of Parker’s bed.  The rug was a steal that I found at Home Goods over the summer.

Another shot of the chair, along with the curtain rods in the corner that are patiently waiting for us to find some curtains to hang on them.

The closet wall, with a small dresser/changing table {IKEA for the win!}

The print above the changing table is from Lucy Darling Prints on Etsy.  A darling shop indeed.

Twirling around, we get to Henry’s side of the room.  He also has a bed with a crib skirt made by my mom (his is “orange”) and quilts made by Grandma N. and Aunt Kelly.  Plus another IKEA dresser.

The TV connects to Amazon streaming and our Hulu account, which means I am re-watching the entire Dawson’s Creek series during middle of the night feedings.  I have been catching Henry up on the Dawson-Joey-Pacey love triangle.  He is Team Pacey.

Details from the dresser.  The black lab is in honor of the boys’ furry sisters.  It was a table number at my friend Christina’s wedding, which I did indeed attend eleven days after the twins were born.  I swiped this one from Table 8. {Sorry CZ}

More details.  Notice the OSU binky.  Not my doing!

Henry’s bed.  The silver frames were from my aunt and uncle, who had them at their house but no longer wanted them.  I put scrapbook paper in them and had instant free artwork!

A good shot of Grandma’s handiwork on the crib skirts.  She went with me to pick out fabric this summer and spent her free time making them.  Love how they turned out!

Quilt details

Friends waiting in the beds for the boys.

And finally, the door that leads into the boys’ bathroom, which is still a work in progress.  So I will save it for another day.  I love how the nursery turned out, and can’t wait until Parker is home so both he and Henry can start being together in their new space.  We are hopeful that Park will be home in a few more days, so say some prayers for him that he can get out of that hospital for good!!

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