Friday, December 6, 2013

Ice Apocalypse

The ice apocalypse did in fact occur today, and we’ve been iced in all day.  We lost power for about two hours this morning, but we’re lucky compared to many others I’ve heard from today, who have been without electricity all day.  Thanks goodness Mark also got snowed in and didn’t go to work today, because our two little guys have been having an off day.  Lots of tears and screams today, and very little sleeping or naps.  We may or may not have just busted open a bottle of champagne, just for surviving this far.  Which I may or may not be sipping as I type this!  Maybe the weather is causing the boys to be off today, but surely tomorrow will be better.

Yesterday, before the weather arrived, my mother-in-law came over so I could do a trial run of leaving the house with the boys.  I have yet to go anywhere by myself with them (in fact, they have only left the house twice so far to visit the pediatrician), so it was a big day for us all. We ventured quickly to the Galleria for a Christmas errand I wanted to do.  While we were making a lap around the mall, we came upon Santa’s “Workshop” and there was ZERO line.  Not a single person waiting.  Just the big guy in red sitting and waiting.  My MIL and I debated.. do we wake the sleeping babies and risk Mall Meltdowns to take advantage of this prime opportunity?

The answer was, of course, yes.

There were no Mall Meltdowns (at least not until after we left Santa) and for once Henry (on the left) was the one who wouldn’t cooperate and open his eyes.  Parker is usually the one who can’t take a good photo!  I surprised Mark by emailing him the photo at work when we got home, telling him we “ran into someone we knew at the mall today.”  He said it made his day :)  Proud Dad!

Moments like these, where we start little family traditions with the twins and get ready to celebrate their first Christmas, they make the days like today - when we are pulling our hair out and trying to reason with two five-week old babies on why it is actually good to take naps - they make it all worth it.

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  1. Hard to believe that the Santa picture wasn't planned! The twins are old hats at it already!!!!

    Hang in there, mama. If you need more champagne, there's plenty sitting in our pantry. ;)