Thursday, December 12, 2013


I’ve been meaning to post a link to this video up here for awhile now.  It made the rounds on Facebook and some of the national news shows, so there’s a good chance you have already seen it.  But if not, take seven minutes to watch.  And if you have, watch it again.  I always do.  Every time I watch it, I get the big crocodile tears running down my cheeks in about the first minute and a half.  These parents had a little boy who spent over 100 days in the NICU.  Nothing compared to our easy three weeks.  But still, it tugs at my heart and reminds me how very lucky we are with Parker and Henry.  I hated the NICU.  Before entering into the patient area of the floor, parents and visitors had to wash their hands in these huge sinks with this terrible soap and little plastic scrubber brushes {think of when the doctors on Grey’s Anatomy are always scrubbing in before a surgery}  I know it was important for everyone to go into the NICU with clean and sterile hands, but I just hated that stupid soap and those industrial sinks and the whole process.  The smell of the soap and the very fact that we had to scrub up to our elbows just to go see our babies was just a reminder to me that they weren’t at home with us and that we had to drive back and forth to see them for a few hours at a time, when the were tethered to their beds with annoying cords and beeping alarms.  We are blessed to have our NICU days behind us.

Ward Miles - First Year

Click above and then scroll down into the article to see the embedded video.

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