Friday, February 7, 2014

The Third Month

When you have a baby, everyone tells you that three months is the magical age when it stops being so hard.  They cry less, smile more, sleep better and seem to recognize you as someone who they know and not just a person who keeps them fed, clothed and in dry diapers.  

And you know what?  I think they are all right!  The third month was a great one, and the boys really are making things easier for us.  They are pretty much awesome sleepers right now.  Last night, they slept for almost 8 hours straight!! {although, technically, this is in Month 4, but whatevs.}

They are happy babies, smiling more and more, watching Mark and me and looking at us with a real recognition.  They are doing great at school, and coming home in good moods.  Plus, they stay busy while they are there so we have great late-afternoon naps, and then some super sleep at night!  Everyone feels rested and happy!


The happiest little guy.  Henry is still as snuggly as ever and loves to smile at Mom and Dad.  He also loves him some ceiling fan, which he is looking at in the above photo.

Still has his serious moments too.

Chubs.  A good friend of mine {Hi LJS!} emailed me this week and said, “Henry looks even more like Mark, which I didn’t even think was possible.” Which is THE TRUTH.  He is his daddy through and through {but luckily scored his mama’s eyes}

He’s our Giggle Bear.


These days, Parker is either super tired and a little on the grumpy side, or wide awake and HAPPY.  His days of crying and screaming for hours are long gone {whew!} and he is so much fun.  Plus, his baby blues will slay you.  He’s gonna be hard to say no to, this little guy.

In the above photo, he wasn’t really feeling up to a photo shoot.  So we tried again later and got some good Parker grins. {below}

You mean Henry’s asleep and I get all your attention? 

He’s still a little Wiggle Worm, as evidenced by his constantly kicking feet.  This kid stays skinny {compared to brother} because he is always moving and grooving!

It’s not a ceiling fan that is capturing his attention, but the other Favorite Pastime in the house these days: the skylight. 

This was last weekend, after a trip out in the cold to Sam’s.  Henry’s head is too big for almost all our hats, but Parker can still squeeze into some of the little ones we have.  It was Superbowl Sunday, so footballs seemed good!

We are already well into Month Four by now, and just experienced a new first - our first Snow Day!  School was canceled for these guys today, so Dad got to stay home and hang out with them all day.  Mom’s school was NOT canceled {grr.}

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  1. Three months?! It feels like they should be over... but maybe that's just the glacial pace that my life seems to be advancing at these days! Pretty sure I can't say no to those faces either... and YES, they definitely have Mama's eyes and Henry is DEFINITELY Mark's mini-me!! It's uncanny!