Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Henry and Parker's First Birthday!

Back in October {you know, over four months ago}, Henry and Parker turned one!  I never blogged about their birthday, but I have a great reason to hop in my time machine and share it today.  One of my favorite blogs, Twin Talk, is turning ONE today {yay!} and they are hosting a link up for twin's first birthday posts.  Plus, I am on Spring Break this week so I have a little bit of time to dust off the ol' blog and join the link up.  So welcome to Henry and Parker's First Birthday!

October 29, 2014

Silly birthday poses

We did not really plan a big birthday party for the boys. We wanted to just celebrate with family, which is exactly what we did.  I was thrilled however, when my sister and brother-in-law from Oklahoma City and my brother and sister-in-law from Austin both emailed me and said they wanted to come to Dallas for the occasion. Add in grandparents and local family and our little shindig turned into a pretty big deal!  The morning of the party Henry was grumpy and acting so out of character.  We ended up taking him to the doctor and discovering he had a small ear infection (our first one ever, on his birthday!) so we were a little behind schedule getting things ready.  But everything came together eventually and hey, a great thing about having family only for the party is that they don't care if they show up and nothing is ready!  They will gladly help blow up some balloons, throw together the food and decorate for the party, so Mom can go take a shower :)

I hung up pictures of the boys on the mantle and my sister made adorable first birthday prints to display.  This was a super last minute thought that she put together for me in about two days, which was awesome!  We got cupcakes from Central Market, which were yummy and super affordable. 


If you thought a small birthday party means not very many presents, you would be wrong.


Henry and Grandpa

 Neither of the boys were that impressed with the cake, but Parker gave it more of a taste than Henry, who pretty much just threw it on the floor!

We have this large, grown-up-sized tricycle that we pulled out during the party.  It was a hit with everyone!

The picture above with the boys laying in the birthday party aftermath makes me laugh.  It was a great day and Henry and Parker had so much fun, despite spending the morning at the pediatrician and barely getting a nap that afternoon.  The best part was that their birthday party was the day before Daylight Savings Time and they wore themselves out so much that they slept an hour later the next morning {which NEVER happens!}  They set themselves to the new time without even knowing it!  

Happy Birthday, sweet boys!


  1. Happy birthday sweet babies!! You kids get cuter everytime I see you!! Looks like the most fun day - and you seem to understand the excitement of cupcakes already!! Well done Mom!!

  2. Adorbs! Well done Mama- and you got this done before they hit the 18 month mark so it's a total win. :)

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