Monday, April 16, 2012

Hey, I CAN do yardwork!

This weekend, I volunteered to help Mark out in the yard, since he has the gimp knee and all that jazz.  We've always assumed without actually saying it that he gets to "decorate" the outside of the house, and I get to do the inside.  So he does all the yard work.  He had just started to lay mulch in the front flower beds the morning before that fateful soccer injury, so that project has been on hold for a couple weeks.  Since he has surgery this week, we decided to finish it up this weekend before he was really out of commission.  I don't have a picture of the garden work we did, but I'll take one later today and add it.  We got about 85% of the garden finished before we ran out of weed mat (I have no idea what this stuff is actually called? Fabric that you lay under the mulch to prevent weeds from growing in the garden.  Mark claims it will last 25 years!).  So we still have a hole of un-mulched garden, but perhaps we will finish that up today? 
Yesterday evening, Mark decided he would chop down this bush/tree thing in our front yard, since it wasn't all that attractive and was growing with pretty reckless abandon.  It took all of thirty minutes before the bush/tree was nothing but a pile of brush laying on the sidewalk!  I helped supervise and photograph this project ;)

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