Sunday, May 6, 2012


This weekend was fast and furious.  The best news: I am done! with! grad! school! [until June].  I took a final and turned in my last paper of the semester on Saturday.  Whew.  It feels great to not have to think about school work for a few weeks.  And I'm only taking one class this summer, so it should be a breeze.

We sold some furniture on Craig's List this weekend. Both listings were up for less than 12 hours before they sold.  People on craig's list are FOR REAL.  We had a small dining set up for about 4 hours when someone emailed that they wanted it.  The cash is already burning a hole in my pocket, but Mark makes a good point and wants to put it in the bank. ooooooo-kay.

I saw this "Currently"list on a teaching blog and wanted to jump in.  Currently....

Listening: SNL on the DVR.  Hello Eli Manning.
Reading: Fifty Shades of Gray.  Yeah.
Loving: Our house. Slowly but surely coming together, bit by bit.
Thinking: Babies are on the brain. And my head hurts.
Wanting: to hang stuff on the walls. But I need Mark's help and he's not up to the task (and he'd kill me if I used my "trial and error" method of hammering holes in the wall).
Needing: to clean our room.  Mainly hang up clothes, unpack from last weekend, empty those last few boxes.
Pageant Title: Ms. Do It All.  I think it's finally going to slow down a bit.  Knock on wood.

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