Friday, May 4, 2012

I've officially switched teams.

Like most of the rest of the world, I read all the Hunger Games books.  But I like to let it be known that I read the first book before the movie came out and everyone jumped on the bandwagon.... I even tried to get my book club to read it back in the day, but they weren't sold on a futuristic love story where children fight to the death, even though I swore to them it was a lot like Twilight.  Well.  They've all read it now.  Humph.

Anyways, since day one with the books all the way until I finished Mockingjay (just a few days ago actually), I have been Team Gale.  Loud and proud.  I love how Gale and Katniss grew up together and hunt together and how he looks out for her and her family, yada, yada, yada.  It is quite similar to how I was [and still am] Team Dawson.  All the way.  Joey and Dawson are meant to be together, you guys.  She used to row the little boat over to his house and climb in the window.  Pacey can't compete with that.

I just had way to much fun Googling "Joey and Dawson"

So anyways, Team Gale.  But then, last night, I saw the movie.  And holy cannoli, I jumped right on over to the Team Peeta boat.  Love him.  He was so cute and charming and bashful and protective and just.. cute.  Gale looked like a great big doofus.  Probably because I just kept picturing him dating Miley Cyrus, and not Katniss.

So yeah, Team Peeta.  All the way.

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