Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ombre! Or.... not.

For the past several months, I have been contemplating taking the plunge and getting my hair colored with the ombre effect.  I have that itch to do something to it, but I didn't want to cut it or drastically change the color, so I thought ombre would be a fun change for summer.  I purposely waited until after my brother's wedding, in case it turned out terrible, before calling to make the appointment.  Last night  I visited my usual salon (and ran into BFF Kristen who coincidentally also booked an appointment that same day!) with the following pictures in hand (thank you Pinterest):

I told my stylist (who was rocking some gorg ombre herself) I was nervous because a) I haven't colored my hair in at least 10 years and b) I didn't want to look too blonde.  Other than that, I told her I trusted her to make it look good, than sat back in the chair to watch the magic happen.

My friend got ombre done at this same salon several months ago and her hair looked fab.  I knew they had used bleach on her ends to lighten them, so I was prepared to so the same.  Instead, my stylist said she would color my hair with two different shades, which sounded even better to me.  Score!  After painting it in around my face, she stuck me under the dryer to wait it out.

 I texted this photo to Mark and said "I'm in the astronaut chair!" to which he replied, "where are you traveling?"  Ha.

Finally the moment of truth came.  She took out the foils, washed my hair and started to blow dry.  I kept looking at it and thinking hmm.  I can't really see a difference.  She told me that ombre looks "so much better when it's curled" and then whipped out a [pretty awesome] curling iron.  I left the salon [at 9:00 at night on a Tuesday] with some rocking curls, but still could barely tell it was a different color.  Hubs confirmed it when I got home and asked him if he could even tell what I had gotten done.  His reply? Umm.. turn on all the lights. Hmm... not really.

Here it it today at work.  Le sigh.  I can *just barely* see a slight fade into lighter color, sort of there on the left side.  So, should I go back and ask for a re-do, or rock my subtle shade change for awhile?

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