Thursday, April 26, 2012

When it rains...

What would make ACL surgery even more fun?  Poison ivy!  All over your legs!  Under your bandages and on your ankles where it conveniently rubs against the machine you have to use on your leg for eight hours a day!


Turns out, we have poison ivy growing in our backyard.  In our flower beds, actually.  Because that makes total sense.  Mark mowed and edged the yard the day before surgery.  He also took the weed eater and skimmed over some weed/plant/overgrown piles along the back fence.  Skip forward three days.  Surgery is over, he's laid up in bed, and suddenly he has this red rash all over his legs.  His mom, who was still staying with us, thinks he's either allergic to the padding on the machine he uses for rehab, or he has developed a heat rash.  Sunday evening, my parents stop by with cookies for Mark.  My mom takes one look at his legs and says POISON IVY. [She lives in the country.  She's had poison ivy before.  Heck, she was stung by a scorpion last week!]  So I grab my phone and start taking pictures of random plants in the backyard (without touching anything) and a few Google Image searches later it is confirmed.

"Leaves of three, let it be" - Well we learned that a little too late!

So now he's on a steroid pack and I'm washing the sheets every day.  Oh my.

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