Thursday, May 24, 2012


Well well, this week had some fun surprises for me.  First, Mark made the discovery that some bushes in our back yard are actually.... blackberry bushes!  He was trimming them back a few days ago [because they were growing out-of-control] and noticed that they had berries on them.  He came in and told me that we had berries we could eat on the bushes and my first thought was nah... they must be poisonous or something. [side note: when you were little, didn't you think every berry on every bush was poisonous? like if you ate it, you would no doubt become so sick you would die?]  well two nights ago he is outside spraying (the poison ivy, sigh) and comes back in to tell me that he ate one of the berries [my internal reaction: what??! you are so going to die!].  I go outside to investigate and sure enough, they look like blackberries.  I come back inside and google image "blackberry bush."  yes, yes. these do appear to be the same as what we have growing in our yard.


So I deem them safe enough and pull one off the branch.  and eat it.  without even rinsing it off.  seven-year-old me was a little freaked out, but grown up me thought they tasted fantastic.  So I picked some more.

That's got to be at least $2 worth of blackberries from the grocery store, right?? Growing for free!  Right in my backyard!  Thankyouverymuch previous owner.

The second big surprise happened yesterday after work, when an ordinary after school meeting turned into Oprah's Favorite Things in which our Head of School gave everyone one of these:

"You get an iPad!  You get an iPad!"

And we all got $100 iTunes gift cards to buy anything we want.  For real. Anything.  I can spend it all on One Direction mp3's if I want [I won't..].  It was a fun day and it got me super jazzed to start using these in the classroom next year.  Because, whoa, I'll be in the classroom next year.  In just 3 more months!

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  1. YOU GOT AN IPAD? I thought it was $100 for itunes... which is still cool. But WHOA.