Saturday, May 26, 2012

Home Tour: Living Room

We've been in our house just about three months now.  Every room is still a work in progress [some way more than others], but things are mostly coming together so that it really feels like home.  I thought I'd start our tour out with the room we spend the most time in: the Living Room.

First up, here's how it looked before we bought the house.  I took these photos during our inspection, so everything here is the previous owner's stuff.  The man we bought our house from was pretty much a rock star when it came to updating homes.  Our house was built in 1962, so I can only imagine what it looked like before he went to work on it!

Here's the fireplace wall before we moved in.  There is a built in entertainment center on the far side.

View from across the room, pre-us.

A close up of the built in entertainment center.  We knew our TV wouldn't fit here, so I had to get creative with this space.

Now for some real fun.  Here's the living room in the days after we moved in.  We had our furniture more or less figured out for in here, but it was still pretty empty.  As you can tell, all the moving really wore out Gus.

Here's a tiny fraction of the mess from the process of unpacking. 

And now, here's how it looks today!  I turned the entertainment center into an end-table of sorts, with a lamp, some photos and the iPod dock.

Behind the chair is the dine-in part of the kitchen.  Do you spot a Goose Cat?

Along the opposite wall of the living room we have our couch and ottoman.  The ottoman moves around so we have it in front of the chair sometimes too.  The frame collage is still a work in progress [the big orange flower isn't staying].  To the left you can see into the kitchen.

Our TV is on the far wall.  Someday it will get mounted on the wall. [also, I am watching House Hunters.  Of course]

The sad little clock in the corner isn't staying there.  We actually have two clocks hanging on this wall right now, trying to figure out what works where!

I think the built in works will without the TV.  I use the small shelves below for books and baskets filled with blankets and other...well, junk.

And in case you were wondering, Gus is still worn out.

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  1. I love, love, love, love what you've done with the built-ins!! It looks SO good. I really love the picture with the HUGE mat. GORGEOUS.

    And your floors?! TO. DIE. FOR. With everything!!!!