Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day Three of My Captivity

That's right.  I've been locked away for the past three days.  Quarantined to the bedroom, hardly getting out of bed, all thanks to the FLU.  Ahh.  I got the flu.  If ever there was an initiation into the first year of teaching, the flu must be it.  I even took all the preventative steps to avoid this mishap.  I got my flu shot months ago.  Wash my hands all the time.  Stay away from the coughing kids.  Clorox wipe everything.  But I could not escape it.  Teachers at school were dropping like flies with the flu this week, so when I started to feel like crap on Thursday, I was fearful.  But I obsessively took my temperature all day and never had so much as a tenth of a degree over a glowing 98.6 degrees.  So I figured it was a cold or allergies, which I pretty much have everyday anyways.  But as more and more people went home sick each day, I scheduled a quick appointment at the doctor Friday morning.  The results: The Flu.  So I was banished away from school and told to rest up and take some Tamiflu over the weekend.  Sounds easy enough, right?

Wrong.  I actually felt 95% fine, even as the doc looked me in the eyes and told me it was the flu.  I had the aches and pains for 24 hours the day before, but by then, I was feeling a-ok.  So I figured it would be a nice long weekend at home.  I filled my prescription and went home to bed, ready to watch the entire contents of my DVR.  Well, turns out, those Tamiflu pills that everyone is scrambling around trying to find, well they actually make me THROW UP LIKE CRAZY.  So all day Saturday, I actually did feel lousy.  I thought maybe it really was the flu, showing it's face a day later, but everything on the news and on the official Department of Health websites swear that you don't throw up with the flu.  So I checked the paperwork in the Tamiflu box and there it was.  The one and only side effect: nauseous and vomiting.  Well, call me crazy, but this stuff is supposed to make me feel better, not worse.  So I quit taking it.  And now I'm back to being 95%.  And if anyone wants to buy some Tamiflu on the black market, I am your girl.


  1. Dislike.

    I crashed and burned twice in December. The first time was right after the UT and A&M deadline. Literally, I dropped off the stuff at FedEx at the airport. Got home. And was DONE for two days. One of my private students' parents had to call out meds for me.

    The second time was the last week of the semester. Thankfully, it waited until I got home, but I was SO SICK. she called out meds again on Christmas Eve.

    It's a nasty, nasty strain this year.

    I'm sorry that the tamaflu was such a bad experience for you. :(

    And. I'm amazed your flu shot didn't work.

    1. Yikes! We sound like we are running ourselves to death.... you more than me! Take it easy, my friend (if that is even possible!)