Monday, January 7, 2013


We are officially back in the swing of things here in the BADS home {side note: my blog title acronym spells BADS.  That was poor planning}.  Today I did all kinds of typical everyday things, like wake up when the alarm went off, blow dry my hair, and pack a lunch before going off to work with it still sitting on the kitchen counter.  See? Totally back to normal around here.  My first day back at work after 18 days off went great.  It was nice to wake up with a purpose to the day, have a routine and see all my friends and kiddos at school.  Plus they all warmed my heart with their hugs and insisting that it had been "like twelve-hundred days since I've seen you!!"  And hey, MLK day is only 14 days away... not that I'm counting or anything.

We're watching the Notre Dame game here tonight.  In 2008, we even went to a ND game in South Bend, scratching that right off the bucket list.

That game went into four overtimes before Notre Dame lost to Pitt.  It's not {currently} looking so good for the Irish tonight.  I wonder if Mark would let me switch over the The Bachelor at halftime?

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