Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Season of LOVE

Hey Friends and Foes on the Internet!

This past weekend was {Winter Break} at school [thankyouverymuch for the four day weekend] and we celebrated the days off with a swanky wedding for one of my coworkers, and some general lay around and be lazy/get stuff done action around the house!

First off, the wedding.  A girl on my team tied the knot with her beau, and then treated us all to a big ol' party at the mansion.  I am so, so lucky to work with some of the greatest people, who are some of my best friends.  So we partied it up together.

In preparation for the weekend's events, I hit up none other that TJMaxx for some shopping.  I bought not one, not two, not three, but FOUR DRESSES for $65.  Two of them were BCBG.  Heck ya.  So getting dressed was extra fun, since I knew what I was going to wear and did not have to try on every dress in the closet.

And now for some photos.  Many of which are ASOI {as seen on Instagram}  So sorry for the repeats.

Love these crazy cats.

Will you accept this rose?

First grade ladies {one being THE BRIDE!}

Our Dates {xoxo}

These two lovelies are getting married in TWO WEEKS and I am so! excited!

The lighting in the reception was awesome, but made us look so red that not even an i-gram filter could fix it.  But hey look at my $25 dress!

A good time was had by all.  And we'll be doing it all over again in two more weeks, with a quick change of the bride.  It was a great weekend of LOVE.  And yes, Mark and I did consider our night out at The Mansion, with an open bar and all you can eat, to be the perfect Valentine's Day date.

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