Saturday, February 23, 2013

What's up, weekend?

Hello Saturday.

I am currently taking a break from:

* laundry {does anyone else feel like they are ALWAYS doing laundry?!}
* dusting
* clearing out one of our random junk-filled bedrooms (and by clearing out, I mean moving everything out of this room and across the hall into our other random junk-filled bedroom)

Wanna see?  This is the before-but-not-all-the-way-before shot because, well, I forgot to take a picture when it was totally filled with junk.  So picture like, way more junk in this room and way less carpet visible.

This room could loosely be referred to as our Office.  And I saw loosely because neither the Hubs nor I ever does any kind of officing at home, ever.  So this room is really a glorified place to print out things.  Because the computer in here is only ever turned on when one of us wants to print something off and we didn't think ahead enough to actually print it off at work. (shh, don't tell).  We are making a little trip up to see my parents tomorrow because they are giving us some bedroom furniture they don't want anymore, so this room will soon go from a waste-of-space "office" to a full blown Guest Room # 2.  Which means we can have more than one person/couple stay with us and not have to get out the ol' air mattress.  Woo!  And this also means we will soon have only one room left in this house that has no purpose other than holding all the stuff we don't know what to do with.  We are six days away from being in our home for one year, so I don't know if that achievement is really sad or really impressive?

Anyways, I am looking forward to decorating this new space.  I really want to paint the walls but I don't have even an inkling of what color I want them to be.  Gray?  Coral?  Pale blue?  Soft yellow?  What will my potential guests want to see when they come stay in Guest Room #2?  I've looked at Pinterest a little, but that really only makes me more confused, not less.  And I know there is quite possibly nothing more boring than talking about paint colors, so I will move on.

I wish I had something more exciting to write about right now, but all I can really report is that Mark is waxing the cars today, I am transferring junk from one bedroom to another, and I really need to do a little bit of homework today so that I don't end up way behind later this week.  Not too exciting.  Does anyone else feel like every time they talk to someone and they ask "So what's new with you guys?" or "What have you been up to lately?" you have NOTHING to say other than... well, the usual?  It sounds so lame.  Umm.. we get up and go to our jobs every day, and then hang out in the evenings and on weekends, perhaps enjoying a little time with friends and family.  Rather, rinse, repeat.  I don't know what news exactly I wish I had to report, but the lack of anything is making me feel like I missing something.  Does everyone else have big and exciting things happening around them?  Happening to them?  Maybe we need to go on a vacation?  Or quit our jobs?  Or buy new cars?  (Spoiler alert: We are not doing any of those anytime soon.)

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    -I am ALWAYS doing laundry. Period. The end. The piles NEVER GO AWAY.
    -Since we saw your adorable house, our house hunt is more stagnant than ever. Last house we saw in the 'hood has a bad upstairs layout.
    -I'm waiting on things to happen... so I have nothing to say. Rinse, rather, repeat!

    However, we are going on a spring break trip to California. That should be more exciting.