Monday, August 19, 2013


I started back at work today and dare I say I'm excited for the school year?!  Getting the classroom organized, sorting out all the brand new supplies, decorating the walls and door... it really got my pumped for when the kids show up next week!  I was even a little bit sad to think that I won't be here for the entire school year - leaving for a big chunk in the middle of the year when the babies are born was kind of bumming me out, even though I know I'll feel differently when they actually arrive!

Part of being back at work means that I am actually, oh you know, showering, blow drying my hair, putting on make-up, and coming up with a decent outfit to wear (which is tough when none of your clothes fit!)  I pretty much wore the same pair of yoga pants or gym shorts with tshirts all summer and for real NEVER blow dried my hair or went further than some blush in the make up department.  In fact, one day I was up at school working on some stuff and I saw one of my students from last year.  She looked at me all confused like with her head cocked to the side and said, "Are you wearing make-up??"  I told her no and she said, "You look really different!"  I told her she had never seen the {Summer Me}!

So anywho, since I made myself look presentable today, I figured why not take some pictures to document the bump!  I have not been taking photos of myself at all since getting pregnant, not really out of choice, but more out of lack of reason to get the camera out, since the summer has been so laid back.  Other than some photos on our vacations, I have no photographic evidence of the baby bump.  Until now!

6 months and some change.... or 25 weeks, for those of you familiar with this whole confusing pregnancy-week-talk.  I get confused by it all the time and have to do the math to remember if I'm five months or six months along....  Big sister pups making an appearance!

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  1. Adorbs. You are the most adorable pregnant with twins momma EVER!!!! My kids are a little confused by the Summer Me, too. I totally get that.