Sunday, September 22, 2013

t-minus 2 months

Well, time is flying.  Like whoa.  And I keep trying to come write a post on this ol' blog, but I get maybe a sentence written before I am distracted, off to do something else, or just plain too tired to go on.

Month seven of pregnancy is wearing on me.  I am uncomfortable.  Baby girl is up in my ribs, like all. the. time.  And the two of them move around like aliens inside me, constantly pushing and shoving on my insides.  Sometimes this is really cool and amazing.  Other times I am so over it and just want to lay down without the internal drumming beginning.  My feet are starting to swell up, and some days it is so bad that I feel like Shrek with my ogre feet.  Other days it's just my toes that get swollen, which isn't too bad but still feels very weird!  I am still plagued by heartburn.  It is mostly manageable but some nights I can hardly sleep without sitting straight up (which is, you know, impossible).  And my never-ending cough is pushing the two month mark now.  That's two months of coughing.  Oy.  Plus, due to baby girl or the constant coughing or who knows what, I have a constant pain in my right ribs/side, which is especially painful when I lay down.  So again, sleeping is tough.  I borrowed a Snoogle pillow from a friend.  Despite being a little ridiculous and large, it does help with actually getting comfortable at night.  We took a quick, 24-hour trip to Oklahoma City this weekend to see my family, and you better believe the Snoogle came along!

It's not all bad news over there, though.  We've been seriously talking baby names and we are officially decided on Baby Girl's name, and down to a handful of options for Baby Boy.  So that is fun.  We aren't keeping the names a secret, but we are holding out until we are set on both names.  Hopefully in the next week or so we can share those with friends and family.  And our nursery is coming along too, thanks to Mark's hard work and my delegating of ideas :)

I've got bedding to wash and walls to decorate, but the big items are assembled and in place.  Not pictured from this angle: a dresser and a chest of drawers.  It's crammed tight in the room, but babies don't need that much extra space, right??  Let's hope not.

It's hard to believe our littles will be here in less than two months!  I saw my doctor on Thursday and she told me to expect to see "exponential growth" over the coming weeks.  Which kind of freaks me out.  I am already growing out of most of my pregnancy clothes, so what will I do after exponential more growth!  Eek.  But the good news is that everything is still going great with the pregnancy.  Besides some really minor aches and pains, I am doing well and lucky to not have anything worse than some discomfort and ill-fitting shoes and clothing. It could be so much worse.  I feel like we still have SO MUCH to do to get ready, but at the same time, I'm ready to just dive in and figure out this crazy Parenthood thing when they get here!


  1. Sneak peak of nursery looks ah-mazing. Post more, post more!! :) Hang in there mama!

  2. Um, I'm obsessed with the nursery!

    However, I'm pretty sad you're having such a tough time with your pregnancy... but I guess that's what happens when you have two babies in you???

    Can't wait to see you this weekend!