Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gloomy Day

Well the weather here in Dallas today was as gloomy as it comes, which also happened to match my mood.  Today was the day when I really started to dread being in this room, and I just couldn't bear to think about how much longer I'll be sitting here, starting at these walls.  I think the weekends are harder, because I can imagine everything I would be doing at home, or I think about how all my friends in town are running around having normal, fun weekends, while I'm still trapped here.  A couple of the nurses were trying to cheer me up this morning, and they told me how it's totally normal to get the blues about being here.  And I know it's normal - I can't see how anyone wouldn't eventually crack when they are in here for weeks on end!  But it still makes it hard to be living it, waiting and wondering how much longer it will go on.  So the clouds in the sky must have made me feel extra gloomy today.

Some good things did come out of this weekend though!  I had lots of great visitors, and really enjoyed getting to see friends.  My friend Stephanie and her hubby Mark (who are expecting a baby just weeks after us!) came by in their burnt orange with some AMAZING cookies from JD's Chippery.  I have basically been eating them as meals ever since :)  And then my other good friends Virginia and Roth brought dinner for Mark and me with their sweet daughter Audrey, who was so fun to have running around our otherwise borrrriing room.  Seeing friends is refreshing and helps the days go by faster.  Oh and I almost forgot!  My entire work team from school snuck out of inservice to bring me lunch on Friday, and then Laura and her little guy Jimmy came over that afternoon with stacks of US Weekly magazines and other goodies to keep me occupied.  Let me just say that I am catching up on my celebrity gossip thanks to Laura - did you know Jennifer Anniston is preggers?!? ;)  Plus, my parents and my sister and Mark's parents came back up this weekend, which is always great.  And OF COURSE, there was the Texas-OU game this weekend, which was a great little surprise that definitely made Saturday a great day!

This weekend I also scored some official "wheelchair privileges" from the doctor on call, which means - wait for it - I can cruise in a wheelchair and go anywhere in the hospital!  I actually cried tears of happiness when the doc told me this.  The idea of leaving the room was like Christmas morning.  So Mark has been pushing me around for a bit each day.  We've ventured down to the cafeteria to eat at a table, away from my bed, which is lovely.  He's become pretty good at navigating the hospital with all his comings and goings in the past 2 weeks, so he showed me all the "cool" places, like the restaurants, atriums, hallways and not one, but two!, Walgreens.  He makes things like Walgreens exciting and novel, which let's face it, after 13 days in one little room, a closed Walgreens is still pretty awesome.  You can look in the windows!

So weekend number 2 is behind me, and I'm glad to see another week start.  I came in here with the babies at 31 weeks and tomorrow we'll hit week 33, which is great for the twins.  So here's to making it to 34!


  1. Oh lady- that makes me down for you. Hang in there! Every day down is one closer to being back HOME. Sending love from h town!

  2. So glad Mack Brown pulled out the W for you and the twins!!!!