Saturday, October 12, 2013

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Hello Readers!  There are apparently a lot of you out there, since my blog stats went from about 9 readers to over 100 readers.  Which I am perplexed by, but hey, welcome aboard!

The news with me is that I do officially have pre-eclampsia, thanks to a high protein count in my latest 24-hour urine test (yup, I got to do that one again, and this time no one threw out the pee half way into it!).  My protein count was 330, and anything over 300 counts as pre-eclampsia.  So the thing I was waiting to possibly get, I did indeed get.

So what now?  Well, with my current condition, it is still better for the babies to be on the inside, so we aren't ready to deliver just yet.  Basically, as my doctor explained to me, we are waiting for something else to go wrong, thus making my case of pre-exclampsia risky enough that it would be better to deliver the babies.  Pre-eclampisa does not hurt them, but it is harmful for me, especially when it starts to worsen in other areas.  So we are waiting for any of the following to show up, and then it will be baby day:

- consistently high blood pressure
- a sharp drop in my blood platelet count
- a bad headache that will not go away
- "flash swelling," or sudden extreme swelling in my face, hands or feet
- naseau or vomiting
- etc., etc., etc.

It is a little strange waiting around to suddenly feel really bad, and knowing that it's going to happen eventually, but we still love to buy the twins some extra days to grow and develop inside!  So no birthdays just yet.

One last thought for today.  The TV here is a little on the lame side.  I have all day to watch television, but I don't have HGTV or TLC.  Whhhhat?!  Whose idea was it to stick a bunch of pregnant women into small rooms for weeks on end with no HGTV??  For the first three or so days that I was here, I totally had TLC.  So I got to watch What Not to Wear and A Baby Story all day.  Then all of a sudden, the channel went away!  Now it is just static.  I think it's even worse that I had it and now it's gone.  So sad.

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  1. Do you have a DVD player? I will totally bring you West Wing, gilmore girls, Gossip Girl, Fraiser or any combination of chick flicks to make up for the lack of TLC?