Sunday, October 6, 2013

Still Waiting... Part 2

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So here we are, hanging out in the first of our three rooms that we'll be in during our first night at the hospital.  We moved rooms as others became open, and I'm sad to say the room we finally settled in for good is kind of the most depressing of the three.  It's very.... 80's.  It has a forest green and taupe color scheme, and clunky wooden furniture that seems too large for the small space.  But the nurses here are super nice, so that helps make up for it.

After my first night here, I knew I had until 4:30 that afternoon to keep "collecting" for the protein test, so we figured it'd be a long day before we knew what was up.  That was until at 5:00 a.m., when the nurse told me someone had accidentally thrown out my entire collection thus far, so I was now starting back over for the 24 hour count.  Which meant another night here!  AHH.  I was angry and annoyed.  How did it get thrown out?!  The one thing I was here to do and it somehow got tossed?  But there was nothing to do, other than suck it up and start over.  So another day goes by of hanging out in our 80's glam room, peeing and waiting.  Mark hung out all day, which made it seem *almost* (if you tried really, really hard), like a little vacay.

Finally, we had a full 24 hours of pee, and could find out the results.  Was this pre-eclampsia?!  Basically, no.  My blood pressure was going up and down all day, but never getting high enough to be a real worry.  The protein in my urine was pretty much normal... certainly not high enough to be pre-eclampsia.  So I'm thinking woo hoo!  Let's go home!  But my doctor had other plans.  She thought that even though my levels looked mostly good, they also appeared to be moving up towards actual pre-e.  So she wanted me to stay through the weekend, test again on Sunday, and then decide on Monday what to do.  Again, I got bummed out.  Another 4 days here?!  But what can you do?  I wanted to do what was best for the babies, so we extended our stay and I sent Mark home for some more clothes for me.  Not long after she broke this news, my doctor returned and said they had another concern.  My blood platelets were low, and she was afraid now that if they continued to drop, my blood would be too thin to clot during delivery.  So the plan was now to also check my platelets everyday and if they dropped more, we would have the babies THAT DAY.  Which meant that, as she told us this, baby day could be tomorrow.  This freaked us out.  Tomorrow?!  We'd just have to wait and see what my blood levels looked like the next morning and go from there.  Nerve. Wracking.

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