Sunday, October 6, 2013

Waaaaaiiiting... Part 3

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So I'm almost all caught up.  Since deciding to check my platelets every day, the plan has been that if they ever drop below 90, that day will be Baby Day.  This decision came after a day when they were at 90, so if they dropped at all from there, we'd deliver.  The first day after this new plan, they jumped up to 113.  Woo!  No babies!  The next day, they were back at 95.  Still safe, but at this point, it was decided that I would be staying for the long haul, waiting at the hospital until the babies were here.  Yesterday, platelet level was 90.  Oy.  But, as the doctor explained, she did say we'd wait until they went below 90 and they weren't there yet, so we bought ourselves another day.  Whew.  Today they were back up at 95, so we are still safe for now.

In the past few days, we met with a NICU doctor and learned what to expect, depending on how early the babies come.  The bottom line was that we are so lucky to be at the hospital we are at, because they have exceptional NICU care and we do not expect anything but perfect outcomes with the twins.  The length of their stay will just depend on how early they come, so of course every week, every day we can keep them on the inside is a great help to them.  So we are waiting around, praying for high platelets and passing the time with visits from friends and family.  I am so grateful for those who will run by and drop off lunch (hospital food is quickly getting old!), and my sweet mother-in-law even brought her entire manicure/pedicure kit to my room yesterday for some pampering.  My family has come by almost daily, bearing gifts of cookies, candy, magazines and goodies to make this place feel more like home.  We don't know if our stay will be a few more days or a few more weeks before we get to meet the twins, but we are certainly hoping for as long of a stay as possible!  In the meantime, all your prayers and well-wishes are so appreciated and felt!

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  1. Email, text or call on the day you need lunch. I'll be there. :) Crossing my fingers and toes for you, Mark, and the little ones!!!