Sunday, November 10, 2013

And Then There Were Four

Well, turns out having two kids keeps you kind of busy, so this blog has been a little on the quiet side lately.  Henry and Parker are still in the NICU, where they have been since I was discharged from the hospital one week ago.  But we got the very exciting news over the weekend that Henry will be coming home TOMORROW!!  So we took a big chunk of today getting everything ready to bring him home (nothing like waiting to the very last minute) and then went out to dinner with Mark's parents to celebrate his homecoming, as well as our last night as a couple without kids at home.  We went to Kona Grill, where I filled up on all the sushi I had been missing in the last nine months.

I am, of course, thrilled that Henry will be home with us tomorrow.  But my heart breaks when I think of leaving Parker behind at the hospital.  We've pretty much always known that Henry would come home first because he has been making quicker gains than Parker from the get go.  But I can't even imagine the scenario of taking Henry and leaving without Parker, so please say some prayers for me tomorrow.  I feel guilty when we leave town for the weekend and leave my cat at home alone, so just imagine how I'll react when I have to leave my boy behind.  I know he doesn't know what's happening and won't realize that Henry has left, but that doesn't help this mama's heart from hurting.

Now on to some pictures!  Our stay in the NICU has been a positive experience, even if it is not ideal.  I'm not going to lie, it's not easy coming home from the hospital without your babies.  Being at home with all this new baby stuff and a cute nursery that is just sitting empty is very.... lonely.  And going back and forth to the hospital multiple times a day to see them is draining for both Mark and me.  But giving the boys the time to grow and get strong enough to be at home has been worth the trials of having them there.  But we still can't wait to put this time behind us and have both our boys at home with us!

Parker Alan, our little Baby B

Henry's bed and cords that monitor his heart rate and breathing - the boys are hooked up to these constantly, so they can only travel so far away from their beds :)

Parker, snoozing away.  Both boys have feeding tubes to help them eat when they tire out before finishing a bottle feeding (Henry got his tube out on Friday!)

Henry Alan, doing what he does so well... sleep!

Parker with his signature furrowed brow

Feeding Henry

Our family of four on Henry's last night in the NICU.  I can't believe we get to take him home tomorrow!  And I just know his brother won't be too far behind.


  1. Ahhhh- love this! They are adorable. :). Congrats Henry! I'll be thinking of y'all and have my fingers crossed for Mr Parker to come home ASAP. Keep the pics coming, Mama.

  2. I'm so excited for Henry to come, and I know Parker won't be far behind! You look great, mama!! Hang in there- you and Mark are amazing parents already!! xoxo