Monday, November 4, 2013

Quick, Let's Catch Up!

Here's a quick rundown of what happened in the days leading of the the Twins' Birthday (which wow, still is so weird to write - they had their birthday and they are really HERE!)

- My MRI came back totally normal.  In fact, the nurses and even the other doctors all seemed to think it was ridiculous that I had an MRI at all.  I guess the on-call doc that night kind of jumped the gun after all when she ordered it.  But at least I will forever know that a) my brain it totally fine and b) I am claustrophobic. 

- The rest of that last weekend was just more of the usual.  My platelets, blood pressure and protein counts were all holding steady.  We were pushing towards a week 38 delivery (November 15) and I was silently crying on the inside, knowing I still had over two weeks of waiting in antepartum.  

- Monday morning, my first blood pressure of the day was higher than usual, and it continued to stay on the high side for several other checks throughout the day.  I didn't think very much of it, because no one (nurses, rotating doctor) seemed to think it was that big of a deal either.

- I plugged away at my usual daily routine of watching: The Today Show, Live with Kelly and Michael, Wendy Williams, Bethenny, and then napping/Interneting/working on the stocking/playing Candy Crush/sitting in silence staring at the walls while I waited for the evening to roll around and Mark to come up to the hospital

Tuesday morning seemed like it was going to be later, rinse, repeat.  Again, my blood pressure was high-ish and they decided to run blood work again to check my platelets, yet again.  My actual doctor was actually on-call that day, so she was the one who came to visit me that morning (with five doctors in the practice rotating around, most days I saw someone other than my doctor, so this was good news).  She came in and told me that if my platelets were low, then we were going to deliver TODAY.  We should know soon, so I shouldn't eat breakfast yet, just in case I would be having a c-section later.  When she left, I didn't even call Mark with the update yet, because I was so sure there would be no news.  I just knew this still wasn't "it."

Well, a short time later, my favorite nurse (DeeAnna) came in my room and actually did the Spirit Fingers move and said "Guessss whaaaaatt?!  Are you ready to have these babies today??"  Ahh!  The doctor's verdict was in and  TODAY IS THE DAY.  I couldn't believe it!  Mark actually texted me before I had a chance to tell him, asking if I had any updates yet.  He was in on a conference call when I texted him "Today!!" We were having the babies TODAY!  Cue the nerves.

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