Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas at Home

Christmas Day, we drove home from Oklahoma after spending some time with Mark's family.  We had hoped to beat the bad weather, but ended up driving through most of it, making our usual 4 hour drive last nearly 7 hours  But it was worth it to spend part of Christmas at our house, with our little furry family.

I bought this wreath from a boy scout who came knocking at our door in November.

A White Christmas in Dallas... who would have thought?

Warm and Cozy

Our Christmas Card "wreath" by the snowy front door.

New ornaments this year :)

Hubs made a fire for some Christmas movie time.

She was glad to be home too!

PJ's, fireplace, movie and the iPad. Not too shabby way to wrap up the holidays, eh?

My Christmas Goose snuggled up next to me for some Christmas Vacation viewing.

Today I started taking all the Christmas stuff down and it's back to work on Monday.  I'm not as blue as I usually am this time of year, which could be due to the extra week of vacation after all the Christmas hustle.  And just think, in five more months, it's summer vacation :)

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